Support for Fax Calls Outside the Sure Network.

Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator, recently announced that they have removed the obligation for the two main telecoms providers, BT and KCom, to provide support for fax services. Other UK telecoms providers have not been required to operate under this regulation, however along with BT and KCom have previously provided assistance in the event of issues being seen with fax calls.

The withdrawal of the UK support obligation does not mean that you can no longer use fax to the UK and beyond, but if problems are experienced with a particular call outside of the Sure network, we may be limited in the assistance that can be provided to resolve the issue in the manner we have previously. We will continue to provide reasonable endeavours to support fax between endpoints within our own network.

Other methods of communicating images such as pictures and signed documents are available, for example scanning and emailing.

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