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New Roaming rates from 1st August 2017

We have recently reviewed our roaming rates and are making a number of changes, including reducing the cost of data roaming across the EU from 1st August.

Get our new £6.00 ROAMING BOOSTER for data from just 12p per MB

Our new Roaming Booster costs £6/month and reduces the cost of roaming.

With the Roaming Booster you will only pay 12p per MB of data when roaming in the UK, France and the Republic of Ireland and receive a 50% discount off all other roaming rates worldwide* (including outgoing calls, sending texts and using data).  You will also get free to recieve calls in UK, all of zones 1 and 2.

Please visit our Roaming Booster page for more information and place an order Travel Boosters

NB: If you have previously purchased the Roaming Call & Text Booster and/or the Roaming Data Booster you will automatically be switched to the new Sure Roaming Booster.


Roaming advice.

Sure applies a £50 data roaming spend limit per zone as standard but other rates are available.

We strongly recommend that you check out all our rates BEFORE you travel and if you intend using your phone abroad add the booster to give you the best possible roaming rates. You should also check which zone the country you are travelling to is in each time you travel, as countries can move between zones at any time.

Prices include VAT where applicable.

*All boosters exclude calls/texts to premium rate and non-geographic numbers and all usage from Zone 5 - cruise ships and aircraft. Booster costs £6 per calendar month valid from the day you buy it, and no refunds are given for unused days. Travel boosters are not available for Pay As You Go customers at this time.

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