Improvements to Roaming Spend Limits

We can’t control the weather or the mechanics of an aircraft, but what we can do is improve the management of data roaming when you travel off island. 

Starting from the 1st March 2024, we’ll be separating the spend limits for data and calls/texts.  This is because we recognise a difference in how people use roaming data when travelling compared to how many calls/texts are made.  Sharing new memories with friends and family, browsing social media, streaming movies; data tends to be used up a lot faster, and we don’t want anyone to be left without the ability to make or receive calls if your spend limit is reached.

Going forward, our Pay Monthly plans will automatically set Roaming Spend Limits to £50 for calls/texts, and £50 for data.  Don’t need £50 for calls/texts? No problem, just get in touch and we can adjust the balance to suit your needs.

Pop in store, give us a call, or check out our Roaming page to find out more.  Our website also offers lots of helpful hints about roaming, and importantly, how to avoid any unexpected charges.

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