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All you need to know about 4G

What is 4G?
The ‘G’ stands for generation so 4G is the successor to 2G and 3G
mobile networks and gives much faster data download speeds. Our 4G network was rolled out in Spring/Summer 2015, alongside an improved 2G & 3G network. We continue to make network improvements all the time, including 4G+ which you can read more about here (  

• 4G is great for things that use a lot of data, like video streaming, maps and
social media.
• It is worth remembering that raw speed isn’t everything. 4G will bring a drop in latency from 150+ milliseconds on 3G to as low as 25 milliseconds on 4G. Latency is what effects things like buffering of streaming media and therefore has a much larger and more noticeable impact on user experience.
• 10-15mbs download speed would be the expected average and it will be much faster when there are cell site is not heavily used.

Will my phone work on 4G?
• Most phones are now ready to use 4G straight away.
• Check to see if your phone is 4G ready by popping into our store, or by
looking it up on
• The manual you got with the hone should also tell you whether your phone is
4G ready.
• You will not need a new SIM or have to sign up to a special 4G plan
to use the network.
• For 3G users we expect average data speeds to be over 5mbs. 

Will using 4G cost more?
• It will not cost you any more to use 4G data, nor do you need a special plan – all our plans include 4G data. 
• However faster data means a better experience with downloading and using apps, browsing the web, streaming TV and movies and more – so you’ll want to download more! Therefore you may like to consider a new plan with a larger data allowance.
Can I replace my home broadband with 4G?
• This depends on your usage. For one or two devices, like phones or tablets, 4G is fantastic. If you have multiple connected devices, especially things like Smart TVs or home computers you will still be better off using our regular fixed or home broadband.
• We expect most people to use a combination of 4G when they are out and about and regular broadband at home.
• If you are not a regular user of video based services (e.g. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video) then mobile broadband could be ideal for you.
• Check the signal on your mobile phone at home first – if you have a strong signal where you are, and where you want to connect then mobile broadband could be ideal for you.
• If you are a regular user of video services, or have multiple devices connected at home (TVs, Tablets, Phones, Laptops) then you will be better off staying with our regular broadband service.
• If you have weak signal (often caused by thick granite walls or modern, foil backed insulation in new builds) you may be better off keeping your home broadband.

Click here to read about our mobile broadband plans.

Important information regarding speed tests
It is worth letting you know that each speedtest can use a lot of data, and the faster the speed, the more data will be used.
We have seen some users use over 1GB of data in less than 24 hours, just using speedtests.


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