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Charges for data for Pay As You Go customers

Since launching our 4G network you may have noticed that your device uses data at a faster rate than it used to. More data sessions are now created, such as when your phone updates its location.  Each session is chargeable after you have used your bundle that you receive when you top up.  Sure charges 6p per MB, but the minimum session we charge for is currently 256kb (quarter of a MB = 1.5p, quarter of 6 pence). 

From 8th March 2016 the minimum charge per session rose to 512kb (half a MB).  Therefore each time your phone uses data, even for a short while, we will charge 3.0p (half of 6p for half a MB).  Each half a MB of usage after that will be charged at 3p rounded up to the next half a MB.


  • Device uses 200kb, charge is 3p
  • Device uses 511kb, charge is 3p
  • Device uses 513kb, charge is 6p
  • Device uses 1.5MB, charge is 6p

We recommend that you keep your phone topped up, to receive a bundle of data each time, or try to use WiFi where you can to keep data costs down.

Click here to check how much data you will receive with each top up.  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call our customer support team on 247247

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