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Roaming - Frequently Asked Questions

Does the country I am going to have a roaming agreement with Sure?

Check if the country you are visiting has a roaming agreement with Sure by checking our roaming destination list.

Will my phone work abroad?

Most modern phones are either dual band or tri band. Most countries require dual band but the Americas require a tri band phone. 

Remember your charger too! Some only work on 240v and USA is 110v so you may need to purchase a travel charger. You'll also need a plug adapter to suit the country you're visiting.

How do I call home from abroad?

The UK country code is 44.  When dialling from abroad, you need to dial +44 or 0044 and then delete the first 0.  Any stored numbers will not work if they begin with (for example) 07624 or 01624. They need to be changed to (for example) +44 7624 followed by the rest of the number. If you always store your numbers in the international format of +44 7624 followed by rest of the number, then they will work both at home and abroad. 

Will my phone connect to a network automatically?

Most phones will automatically connect to the network with the strongest signal.

Should this fail for any reason go into your phone's network settings and choose a network from the list provided.

Will European Union (EU) moves to abolish roaming rates include Sure customers?

EU proposals to regulate the costs of roaming will not apply to Isle of Man customers. This is because the island is outside of the EU, and therefore European operators will not have to give Sure’s customers the regulated rates they have to give to other customers who are within the EU.

This means that Sure (along with other Isle of Man and Channel Island operators) will continue to negotiate roaming rates with each EU operator individually.

It is always Sure’s aim to minimise roaming rates for our customers through negotiation with operators in Europe and around the world. This year, for example, we have reduced data roaming rates in many European destinations from £9 per MB to 50p per MB.

To make things clearer for our customers travelling overseas, we have a simple zoning system that helps Sure customers better understand what they will be charged when travelling abroad. In addition, our flexible roaming caps help customers limit their spend, providing them with peace of mind and protecting them from unexpectedly high roaming bills.

Can I use my phone on a cruise ship or whilst on a flight?

Maritime services

Yes you can use your mobile phone whilst at sea if there is a signal.  Maritime rates can sometimes be much higher than normal roaming rates.  We recommend you wait until you get on shore to access one of our roaming partners’ network.

In flight services

Some airlines will allow you to use your own mobile phone whilst in the air. We recommend you check your airline’s website or call them directly to ask if they offer mobile services.

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