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What happened to Sure TV?

When did Sure TV close down?

Services delivered to Sure TV via your internet feed ceased to be available on Monday 1st February 2016.

Why was Sure TV closed down?

With new online media delivery systems coming on-stream the Sure TV subscriber base fell dramatically. It was no longer economical to deliver the service, especially on a free of charge basis.

Will the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) still be available?

Yes, but some functionality will be lost. Channels delivered via the internet connection will disappear from the EPG and series link record will no longer work. The +24hrs option will no longer be available.

However channels delivered via Freeview will maintain full EPG detail. Please note that depending on your location some “non Freeview” channels (eg: Dave) may continue to appear in your EPG, but will not be viewable.

Some channels are just black screens
Certain extra channels were provided over your Sure Broadband connection until 1 February 2016. Although they may continue to appear in your EPG, the channels are no longer available. A list of Freeview channels that are available in your area can be found here.

What channels are available on Freeview?

To discover which Freeview channels are available in your area please go to

Will the record function still work?

Yes, but the Series Record function will no longer work.

Will the Sure TV app still work?

No, the app will cease to work and will be removed from the relevant download centres.

Will the Media Centre still work?


Does my Sure TV set top box (STB) still work?

Yes, your STB will continue to work as a Freeview TV receiver and the Media Centre will continue to work. Only the services delivered via the internet connection have ceased to work.

Will my monthly bill change?

No, Sure TV is delivered to you free of charge so there will be no change to your monthly bill.

Do I need to return the Sure TV STB?

No, your Sure TV STB is yours to keep and can be used as a Freeview TV receiver.

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