About 4G Home Broadband

What is 4G Home Broadband?

We are confident our 4G mobile network is able to deliver a service that’s just as good, if not better than offered by basic ADSL and VDSL services. This offers customers a true, credible and highly cost effective alternative to the islands incumbent operator.

4G Home Broadvand is indeed a like for like (and in many cases better) than the fixed line broadband services provided on the island.


Why should customers take our 4G Home Broadband service over a fixed line offering?

  1. We have a strong and robust network. Customer satisfaction scores in the IOM indicate those customers using the service would recommend it to others
  2. This offering gives terrific value for money and big savings over Manx Telecom
  3. There’s no need to wait at home all day for an engineering visit to install your broadband
  4. Speed wise, 4G broadband can, in most cases, match or even exceed ADSL and VDSL services
  5. With the 30 day no quibble guarantee on the 24 month plan, customers can buy without risk. If they don’t like it, they can walk away within a 30 day period (returning the router undamaged)
  6. There is no fair use policy on 4G Home Broadband products, it's unlimited


 Q: Why use a 30 day returns policy?

A: Sure provides customers with a 30 day risk free trial of our service. If customers don’t like the product, they can cancel their contract at any time within 30 days of the date of the contract and only pay for one months usage rather than the full 24 contracted term. By doing this, Sure provides customers with a hugely positive message around how confident we are on the strength and availability of our mobile network on the island.

Q: Do I need to return the router if I cancel within the 30 day period?

A: Yes. All customers are required to return the routers to us in a “like new” condition. Like new in this case means the router is returned to us:

  • with the original (undamaged) packaging
  • fully functional
  • has no damage (including screens, where applicable) such as, but not limited to, cracks, dents or visible signs of wear and tear; and
  • is not registered as lost or stolen



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