New customer checklist

Welcome leaflet

You will have been given a welcome leaflet at the time you signed up. Here is a copy if you need it.               

Register your phone

We recommend you register your phone in two places - with Sure and with 

Registering your phone with Sure

Pay As You Go customers: register your SIM and if your phone is lost or stolen, we will have a greater chance of being able to help.

To do this you can either

Send us an email to or

Call us on 01481 700700

We will need all of the following from you in order to register:

  • your full name and address (including postcode)
  • the phone number you want to register
  • a password - this is so we can verify your identity in the future, if you need to discuss your phone with us.

Pay Monthly customers: there is no need to register with us as we will have all your details from when you signed up, however for extra security we recommend you register with Immobilise:   Set a PIN (Personal Identification Number)

Set a Pin Number


To make your phone more secure, we recommend you set up a PIN on your SIM cards.  This can be done via your phone's settings.  

This process can vary from phone to phone but in general you will find your PIN options by accessing:

Menu > Settings > Security > Access Codes > Change PIN Codes

Insure your phone 

We recommend that you insure your phone in the event that it is lost, stolen or damaged. We do not currently offer phone insurance but recommend that you take appropriate measures to insure your phone, for example as part of your household insurance policy.

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