"How do I place an order?" and other questions...

  • How do I place a Home Phone order with Sure?

You can place your order online by clicking here, or you can visit one of our stores where our staff will be happy to assist you with the application.

Please note: Sure do not currently support the IOM CarePhone system.  If you have further enquiries please contact Customer Service on 247247.

  • And what if I want Broadband as well as Home Phone?

You can place an order for broadband at the same time online also.  Just click here and add your chosen service to your basket, we will do the rest.

  • Once I have placed my landline or broadband order with Sure, do I need to notify or contact MT for any reason?

We will ask MT for a MAC, which will be sent to you (the account holder) by post.  You will then advise Sure of the MAC and we will take it from there.  Please note that you may still receive one final bill from MT for the portion of that month's usage and rental outstanding.

  • Will an engineer from MT or Sure need to visit my property to complete the transfer from MT to Sure?

This depends on whether you have previously had a working phone line in your property or not.   If your property has recently been refurbished, or not recently had a working phone line, then an engineering visit may be required - and charges will apply.

  •  What is involved in the transfer? How long will it take?

Once your application and MAC have been received, we will complete the takeover from MT on your behalf. The full process may take up to two working weeks to complete.

  • Should I expect any short-term interruption to my service during the transfer to Sure?

It most cases the transfer is seamless; however, on certain occasions, further configuration may be required to complete the transfer.

  • Can I keep my current home phone number

Yes, your current number can be transferred to Sure.

  • Can I be ex-directory

Yes, all line features available to MT are also available through Sure.

Please be aware that, in some instances, there may be charges attached to moving your telephone line to Sure.  For instance: 

  • If you need a new line to be installed (normally for a new build), with engineering work from MT involved, this will cost £138.00 
  • If your line is being re-activated but no engineers are required at the property, this will cost £48.00.  This charge covers the cost of an MT engineer “call out” to the nearest exchange to complete the re-connection. 
  • If you have Superfast Broadband and don't need an engineer the cost will be £48, but if you do need an engineer the cost is £78
  • If your line just needs a straight swap from MT to Sure, there is no charge.
  • There are no extra charges if you have standard broadband (not Superfast) on your line: it's included in the prices above.
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