How do I swap my phone number from one SIM to another?

You’ll need to swap your SIM if:

  • You have recently changed or upgraded your phone and it needs a different-sized SIM
  • Your phone is lost or stolen
  • Your SIM no longer works 

What happens to the information stored on my old SIM?

  • The majority of information will be lost when changing your SIM
  • Before swapping the SIM, make sure you back up all contact, photos, music, calendar details and anything else you might later need

 How do I go about swapping the SIM?

1) Prior to contacting Sure, make sure you have access to your new SIM

  • To swap the SIM, you will need to have the 19 digit number which begins 894455 in front of you

2) With this number to hand, please call our Contact Centre on

  • Isle of Man: 247247
  • Please advise the Sure agent you would like to action a SIM swap. The agent will confirm your identity by requesting your account password. They will then ask for the 19 digit number as described in point 1 above.

3) The Sure agent will then transfer the mobile service onto the new SIM

  • This usually occurs within a few minutes. If when turning on the phone you are asked for a PIN code, this will be 0000 (four zeros)
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