Receiving your bill

Receiving your bill

If you have signed up to a monthly contract with one or more of our services, you will be sent a bill each month with your rental charges in advance and usage charges in arrears.

Your bill may also include part period charges from the date a service, product or contract started.

Your bill can be sent by email completely free of charge or it will be delivered to you by post.

Receiving your bill by post will usually incur a £1.50 ‘Paper Bill Charge’ to cover the cost of paper, printing, post and packing.

Viewing your bill online (no charge)

To help reduce the amount of paper that we use and so you avoid charges for paper bills, we suggest you view your bills online. Please call us on 07624 247 247 to set this up.

You will receive an email each month notifying you that the bill is ready to view online and includes the amount due. The email has a link to ‘See your bill now’ so you can view the full bill if you want to review the charges in more detail. Just click on Login in the section 'Been here before?'

You will then be able to log in to your account using your email address and chosen password to view your available bills.

Bills are only stored online for a maximum of 12 months.  Copies of bills older than 12 months have to be sent by post and there is £5.00 charge for each one.

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