Understanding your bill charges

Reading your bill - example

Download a sample bill for an explanation of your monthly bill, with headings and descriptions of the various charges. 

When will your calls/texts/data be charged

Usage is usually billed one month in arrears for the previous month. Rentals are charged one month in advance.

Some of our mobile price plans include an allocation of calls and texts. The amount of calls for single user accounts is shown under ‘Your account summary’ below the Total usage charges, which is usually on Summary page 1 of 2 on your bill. This shows the amount of calls and texts used.

Please be aware that for mobile services there can be a delay in us receiving your roaming usage from our roaming partners, so you may not see these on your bill straight away. However, the charges will be included on the next available bill.

All charges are rounded to the nearest pence.

Other charges and credits

Your bill will also show details of any other charges and credits which can be found in the summary pages of your bill with a description providing additional details. A part period charge is usually applied if you sign up for a service part way through the month. Other charges and credits you may see include installation fees, engineer visits, payment processing fee, paper bill charge, new router and credits for services or contracts you may have changed and cancelled.

Balance brought forward

If a payment is not received by the time your new bill is generated, the amount outstanding will be shown as a 'Balance brought forward'. A late payment fee may also be charged (See Late Payment Charges section).

If you have a 'Balance brought forward', please contact us on 247 247 immediately to arrange payment as your service is liable for disconnection.

Allocation of calls, texts and data included in your mobile plan

If you have signed a Pay Monthly Mobile plan, you will have an allocation of calls, texts and data included in your plan.

Inclusive minutes, texts and data apply when connected to the Sure mobile network in Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man. Minutes include calls to Channel Islands, Isle of Man, UK (including numbers starting with 03) and Republic of Ireland mobiles and landlines. They exclude Premium rate, directory enquiry and non-geographic numbers. Inclusions are per month and don't roll over.

Please note you can use up to an additional 170.6MB (£20.00) of data per month before your data is barred. 

You can reduce calls rates to some destinations not included in your minutes by purchasing a calls booster.

To find out more about boosters, click here:


Data charges

Data charges are included in the Usage charges section on the front page of your bill and may be separately shown in the itemised section of your bill.  Data is charged per MB.

Free data allocations from your mobile plan can only be used when connected to the Sure network in the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey. If you have data included in your plan, we will notify you when your remaining balance is low and once has been fully used. After this point, you will be charged per MB for any further data use in that month.

Minimum Data usage charge of 1024KB. Please note you can use up to an additional 170.6MB (£20.00) of data per month before your data is barred. 

When you're abroad with your mobile phone, roaming data usage can be prohibitively expensive. If you travel and use mobile data, a roaming data booster may interest you. To find out how to reduce roaming charges with a booster click here.  

Please note your phone may also perform ‘background tasks’ which use data but you may not realise they are occurring. This also affects your data use.

Also, you may like to consider using WiFi when available.

Click here for more information on roaming charges

For tips on what you can do to control data usage click here

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