Text messaging (SMS)

A text or SMS (Short Message Service) can be up to 160 standard characters long and if a text contains more characters, it will usually be sent as multiple texts which will then be received as a single message. Please be aware that you will be charged 1 text for every message up to 160 characters that you send. When sending messages in excess of 160 standard characters you will be charged for multiple texts.  Text messages will be charged from any bundle allocation you have first and then charged at the standard rate once all of your bundle has been used.

Set up Text messaging (SMS)

Most modern phones are automatically configured to send standard SMS texts but if you are having problems receiving texts or you have reset your phone, you may need to input the message centre number manually. Check your phone's manual or website for correct instructions.

The process is usually similar to this:

Menu > Messages > Message Settings > Text Message Settings > Message Centres > Add Centre Centre name Sure centre number +447781 001 003

Stop texts from Sure

Occasionally Sure will send you texts:  

Marketing messages: this is a way for us to let you know about our latest promotions and special offers. If you wish to stop receiving marketing messages by text simply call us on 01481 700700 or e-mail us with your mobile number and we will add your number to our database to stop you receiving future marketing texts from us.

Service messages: these are for any changes related to your service. These are important as they could impact your service, therefore it is not possible to opt out of receiving these messages. 

Please note we NEVER pass on your number to other companies to send you marketing texts. 

If in any doubt as to the origin or legitimacy of any text message please contact us and we will investigate further.

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