Pay As You Go topping up (adding credit)

As a Pay As You Go customer, you need to top up your phone with credit before you use it, here are the options for topping-up.

  • If you need to check your balance (how much credit you have left) first dial *#100# and click the call button. The balance will be displayed in a message on the screen.

Top-up with MySure

Register your service using MySure, store your card details and download the app to top up on the go.

Minimum top up on MySure and in the app is £5.00

If there is no activity the account will go into a suspended state after 180 days.  Top up to reactivate.

Instant top-up online

You can by-pass MySure and make an instant top-up online if you prefer. 

The minimum top-up is £10.00

Top-up by phone

Dial 177 from your mobile or 01481 701077 from Channel Islands, Isle of Man and French landlines or mobiles.  If you are dialing from a withheld number you will need to dial 1470 01481 701077.

The minimum top-up is £10.00

Top-up in stores across the island

You can top up in shops and garages where you see the pink Payzone sign.

The minimum top-up is £5.00

Buy a voucher and follow the instructions to top up your phone.

Problems topping up?

If you are having problems topping up online or by phone, give us a call on 07624 247 247 so we can help.

For your card protection, we only allow a certain amount of attempts per day or per week when using the same details, and only up to a certain value limit. This helps to control fraudulent attempts to misuse the system, potentially with your payment details.

We understand that at times this may be frustrating, but we are here to help you through it.

If you do find yourself having a problem, give us a call on 07624 247 247 and we’ll see how we can get you topped us as soon as possible.

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