Spam email

Please be aware that Sure will never ask for your password in an email. If you are unsure if an email from Sure is legitimate please call us on 07624 247 247 to double check. You should never give out any personal or bank details in an email unless you are certain of the recipient's identity. 


Spam emails are unwanted, sometimes fraudulent emails that are usually sent to you without your permission. They may be advertising a service or product and it is best to delete an email before opening it if you suspect that it is a fraudulent message as some can contain viruses.

If you are using SureMail there are built in spam filters and our servers are designed to block certain Malware, but please be advised that with sophisticated techniques used by spam email, some malicious email could still end up in your inbox. 

We do not advise you to forward your spam email to us but to delete it immediately as forwarding it could increase the risk of viruses and malware entering our network and cause a hazard to our other customers. 

You can view or edit your spam settings within your SureMail settings. 





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