Fixing landline problems

What does Sure provide?

Sure provides you with a landline service over copper lines that are owned by Manx Telecom but billed to you by us, usually at reduced rates.

MT are responsible for making sure the line is fit for purpose from the exchange to your property.

What support does Sure provide?

If you have problems Sure can take you through some checks over the phone and will either solve the problem or recommend than an engineer visit is required. The engineer will be from MT.

What won’t Sure do?

Sure will arrange for MT engineers to attend but won’t enter your property without prior arrangement.  If during the visit the fault is found to be an internal issue, you will be asked to pay for the call out.  We do need you to confirm that you're happy with this ahead of an appointment being made.

What can I do to solve any problems I have myself?

If you can’t receive or make calls there is a series of checks you can carry out at home:

  • Check all phones are plugged into their sockets correctly.
  • One of your handsets may be off the hook.
  • If there is broadband on the same line try adding or changing the filter. Your filter could be damaged.
  • If you have a noisy or crackly line this could also be down to a fault with the broadband.  Again we recommend that you add or change filters and try it again before reporting a fault.
  • Try another phone.
  • Unplug all phones and filters, Sky boxes, Oil Masters etc. that are connected to your landline then try just one phone in the main socket.
  • Make sure your socket is not damp.

If there is no dial tone

  • Try other phones in the house - do they have a dial tone?
  • Try another phone.
  • Contact us to make sure you have no outstanding bills as you may have been cut off for non-payment.

If you are still experiencing issues after checking all of the above we will report the fault to Manx Telecom and arrange for their engineer to visit, which may incur charges.  You can contact us by phone on 247247, on our Facebook page, Sure Isle of Man or by emailing

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