Moving your mobile number

You can keep your same mobile number when you move from another local operator to Sure, this is free and is known as 'porting' your number.

How do I port?

If you are moving to Sure Pay As You Go, please visit us in store to get your free SIM and make your first top up.
If you are signing a Pay Monthly contract with Sure, please visit us in store and simply tell us the number you want to move.

If you were with another supplier with a Pay Monthly plan, please bring your latest bill from your current supplier with you.

How long will it take?

Porting a Pay As You Go number takes just five minutes - please visit us in store.

Porting a Pay Monthly number takes a little longer as we have to check with your current provider that you have no outstanding bills with them. You will also be asked to produce your latest bill from your current provider, in order to prove you are the actual owner of the service number you wish to port. This is for your protection.

Depending on the time of day your port request is submitted, your port to your new Network Provider should take no more than two working days.
Once you port your number, you cannot port again for 2 months.

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