Costs associated with switching to Sure

Please be aware that, in some instances, there may be charges attached to moving your telephone line to Sure.  For instance:

  • If you need a new line to be installed (normally for a new build), with engineering work from MT involved, this will cost £138.00 
  • If your line is being re-activated but no engineers are required at the property, this will cost £48.00.  This charge covers the cost of an MT engineer “call out” to the nearest exchange to complete the re-connection. 
  • If you have Superfast Broadband and don't need an engineer the cost £48 as well but if you do need an engineer the cost is £78
  • If your line just needs a straight swap from MT to Sure, there is no charge.
  • There are no extra charges if you have also have standard broadband (not Superfast) on your line: it's included in the prices above.


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