Voicemail is a FREE service available to all mobile customers.

Voicemail allows callers to leave a message when

  • you're not able to answer,
  • your line is busy or
  • you want all calls to be forwarded straight to voicemail.

Once you have set up mobile voicemail, you will be informed when a caller has left a message by a text message delivered to your handset.

Our voicemail system also has an online management system which lets you change your settings via the web and have your voice messages forwarded to you by email. To access the online management system click here,

Set a PIN

You do not need a PIN to access your voicemail from your mobile (where the voicemail is set up from).

However, you will need a PIN to access it from other mobiles or landlines. For security reasons, we recommend that you you set a PIN that only you know to prevent other people from listening to your messages from other mobiles or landlines.

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can change it simply by dialling 171 from that mobile and change the PIN by pressing 2 then 1.

If you would like to access your voicemail from a different mobile phone or landline and have forgotten your PIN, please call our customer services on 07624 247 247 who will be able to reset it after security verification. Once your PIN has been reset, you can also manage your PIN settings via our online management system. 

Activate or cancel voicemail

You can opt to divert all or some of your calls to voicemail.

Simply dial the number given below and press the call button to select a divert:

Unconditional (diverts all calls straight to voicemail)

Dial **21*171#

Conditional (only diverts calls when you're busy, out of reach or don't answer)

Dial **004*171#

You'll be sent a text message automatically to let you know you've been left a voicemail message.

Cancel voicemail

To cancel your diverts and stop people leaving messages on your voicemail, follow the procedures below.

Cancel Unconditional

Dial ##21#

Cancel Conditional

Dial ##004#

You can then set up call diverts as above when you would like to divert calls to voicemail again.

Listen to voicemail messages

You can listen to your voicemail messages from your own mobile, when roaming or when using another mobile or landline.

To listen from your mobile on the Sure network, dial 171 then listen and follow the instructions given.

When using another mobile or landline phone (and when roaming), dial +44 (0) 7700 700000. You should set this number up as a contact number in your phone so you always have it handy. For more details on using voicemail while roaming, please click here.

The first time you access your voicemail you will be asked to set a 4 digit PIN so that you can securely access your voicemail from any landline or mobile phone.

You do not need to input your PIN if you are calling from the number you have set voicemail up on.

Change ring time before voicemail activates

The default ringing time before a call to your mobile gets diverted to voicemail is 20 seconds. You can alter this to extend or reduce the ringing time to between 5 and 30 seconds.

To do this, call **61*171**time in seconds# replace 'time in seconds' with desired time; eg, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. For example: to change the ringing time to 30 seconds, simply dial **61*171**30# and press the call button.

A confirmation message will appear on your screen (no need to hold the handset to your ear).

Record a new greeting

You will need to set up a personal greeting that welcomes callers to your mailbox.

To set up or change your greeting dial 171 then press 2, record your new greeting and then press 2 again. You can change your message as many times as you like.

Knowing if you have a message

Whenever a voicemail message is left for you, we'll inform you with a text message from 171. Simply dial 171 from your mobile to retrieve your voicemail message.

Retrieving, storing and deleting messages

To access your voicemail

From home dial 171
From another landline dial 700000
From other networks dial +44 (0) 7700 700000 
When accessing voicemail other than from your own mobile, you will be prompted to enter your mailbox number and PIN.

To listen to messages

Your voicemail system will automatically play any new messages when you access your mailbox. To listen to previously stored messages press the star key (*) to access the admin menu then follow the instructions, pressing 1 listen to messages.

After each message you will be prompted to either repeat, store or delete each message. You can also listen to your messages and manage your voicemail with our online management system. 

Managing your voicemail online

You can now also sign up to access your voicemail online. When you register you can receive an email notification when you have a voicemail waiting, or you can set the system to send you the voicemail message as an attachment that you can play on your PC.

You can access your voicemail online here

This has a number of benefits such as:

  • Ability to change settings via a web interface
  • Voice messages forwarded to you by email
  • Linked mailboxes
  • Message notification settings
  • Multiple greetings
  • Dial out (calls you back from web interface)
  • Alarm calls

To set up the voicemail online management system, please download our user guide above. 

Missed call notification

If you are connected to the Sure network in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, when you miss a call but don't have voicemail set up, this new service lets you know who called you and at what time.

If the caller's identity is released, the system tells the caller that you will be sent an SMS message informing you that they tried to call.

If the caller's identity is withheld, they are offered the option to notify you that they tried to call. If they accept this option, an SMS will be sent to you. If the caller's identity is not available or they choose not to release it, the SMS message will not be sent.

SMS notification messages will be sent under the following conditions:

  • When your phone is switched off
  • When your phone is busy
  • If your phone is not in coverage
  • A message will not be sent if you are roaming or abroad.

There are no monthly fees and no charges for SMS messages sent to you - if you return someone's call this will be chargeable in the usual way.

Call our Customer Contact Centre on 07624 247 247 if you would like the service to be removed from your account (please allow 2 working days).


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