Which is the right plan for me?

Each plan offers different levels of value and flexibility. 

1.  Pay Monthly  

You sign up to a contract for a set number of months.  Your plan includes a set number of minutes (for making calls) and texts (known as a 'bundle') as well as data (for surfing the net or streaming).  

You can choose if you want to add a handset to your monthly plan for 12 or 24months or take the plan on a SIM only basis which is a one month rolling contract. 

If you don't use your mobile phone very often we then we have basic plans available from £13.00 per month.

2.  Pay As You Go


Pay As You Go customers don't need to sign a contract and no mobile phone is included.

Every time you top up you will get some calls, texts and data free. You can find out what you currently get free by clicking here

You buy an amount of credit from £5 and use the credit to make calls, texts or use data on your mobile.

Please note that once your inclusive bundles of calls, texts and data have been used up you will start to be charged at our standard rates.  We recommend you familiarise yourself with the plan you have and how much is included. 

Check your balances at anytime by dialling *#100#


NB: None of the inclusions apply when you are not in the Sure network.  Click here to see how much you are charged when roaming.



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