Activating your Pay As You Go SIM.

Thanks for choosing Sure Pay As You Go. 

If you've ordered your Sure SIM online and received it by post, here's what to do next. Not ordered your SIM yet? Click here to find out more.

Here’s how to get started

Step 1: Leave your MT SIM card in your phone for now. Send a text message with the word PORT to the number 1234.
Step 2: In about 15 minutes you will notice your phone lose signal. Once this happens, take your MT SIM out of your phone and put your new Sure SIM in.
Step 3: Your phone will now connect to the Sure network... you're all set! Your £20 free credit will be there instantly for you to start using.

To check your balance at any time just dial *#100#  

What happens if I don’t lose MT signal?

If you are still connected to MT 30 mins after sending the text, it may mean that the port has failed. This happens very rarely but if it does just call 07624 247 247 for assistance.

Visit our Need help? pages to get help and support at any time or visit our YouTube channel for our latest hints and tips.

By activating your SIM you are agreeing to our Pay As You Go Terms and Conditions

Useful hints and tips

How to top up your phone

To top up by phone (£10 minimum) dial 177 from your mobile or 247247 from a landline.

Click here to top up online (£10 minimum) or set up regular automatic top ups.

Alternatively, look out for the PayZone logo to top up in store or at our dealers (£5 minimum), including mainland UK.

Call rates

If you make calls, send texts or use data outside of what’s included in your PAYG rewards (available when you top up £5 or more) then here’s what you can expect to pay.

Take care when dialling premium numbers or 118 directory enquiries as these rates can be high.

Lost or stolen phones

If your phone is lost or stolen call us IMMEDIATELY on 247247 so we can stop your credit being used fraudulently.

When you’re abroad

When you are roaming you will be charged more than when you are at home on our network. You will also be charged when you receive a call. When roaming you may be charged to access your voicemail and receive voicemail messages.


You automatically have your own voicemail box with Sure, which is FREE while you’re connected to the Sure network but will be chargeable if used when roaming.

Dial 171 to get started or visit our voicemail page for more details.

Useful numbers

Sure Customer Service - 07624 247 247
Voicemail - 171
Check balance - *#100#


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