Getting started with your 5G router

Huawei 5G CPE Pro Router quick start guide 

To get started with 5G please insert the SIM card into the router that we have provided to you. The SIM card slot can be found at the bottom of the router, see the image below:  




Our 5G Router should setup and connect to our 5G network automatically, please remember to plug it into the mains! A successful connection to our 5G network will be indicated by a light appearing above the 5G letters on the front of the router.  

Once you have plugged in your router and it is connected to our 5G network, please remember to connect the devices you are using to access the internet to this new Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi name and password are shown on the bottom of the router.  

Should you wish to change your Wi-Fi name and or password, you can skip to point 3 below to access the routers interface.  


If your router does not connect to the internet, or you wish to change your Wi-Fi name or password, please follow the details below to setup manually. 

1. Ensure the router is plugged in at the mains – the router should have a blue light at the base to indicate it is receiving power. 

2. Connect your laptop, tablet, mobile phone to Huawei Router via LAN Cable or Wi-Fi. You will be prompted for a password. This is located on white label on the bottom of the Router. The short one after the text Password”.

3. Open a web browser and type into the address bar. You should then see the screen below: 




 4. On the Welcome screen, enter the password shown on the bottom of the router. This is the short one after the text “Password”. Alternatively, use a smartphone with the capture image if you are using a mobile to connect.

5. Once logged in if you are presented with an update screen like the image above click enable and continue. 


6. On the next screen you have the option of having two Wi-Fi names on different frequencies. For best results leave 5Ghz preferred off so they are combined.




 7. You also have the options of changing your Wi-Fi name and password on this screen.



 8. On this screen a new password is required for the Router, please remember what this is changed to otherwise the Router would need a reset to back to factory settings to access it.

 9. Click Finish. If prompted, please restart your router. You can do this from your device.

 10. You will then see a summary of the connection.


 11. Click Network settings at the top to make sure Mobile data is turned on. Further down the screen you will see the APN’s


 12. If there are no APN’s click +

Set the following parameters to:

Profile Name: ( SURE )

Authentication: ( Auto )

APN: ( internet )


Click Save.


You should now be able to connect to our network. If you have any further issues, please contact us via email at


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